Bon Jovi concerts…

I’ve been a fan of Bon Jovi for what feels like forever, but if you pushed me to actually give a year, I’d say from 1993.

Since then, I’ve been to so many shows that I need to keep a list to remember them all! The best Bon Jovi show ever, in my opinion, was Dublin 2000. I think that anyone who was there that night will attest to it being a magical show, with a magical atmosphere, mostly due to the massive thunderstorm that night which added to the show in so many ways — it was an outdoor show. (You may see Jon Bon Jovi refer to Dublin 2001 as being the show where the heavens opened and there was a massive thunderstorm, but it was actually 2000. It was sunny in 2001!) I could mention so many unforgettable moments from that night!

I’ve travelled to a lot of cities (and a few different countries) with friends over the years to see Bon Jovi, though not recently. The last Bon Jovi show I attended was in 2011, and the last solo show I attended was in 2012. It would be nice to say that I hit the 100-shows mark, but I haven’t so far, and quite honestly I can’t justify the expense now. Did I say that I sat out the 2010 tour completely due to the exorbitant cost of tickets at The O2 Arena in London? And that I haven’t seen the band in the USA since 2006, again due to the exorbitant cost of tickets there since that tour? Well, now I have. 🙂 I probably won’t be seeing them live again, so the stats below are unlikely to change…

Quick stats:

  • Shows (band): 74
  • Shows (Jon): 4
  • Shows (Richie): 5
  • Shows (total): 83
  • Cities/towns (total): 33
  • Countries (total): 9